Weekly digest Oct 14th 2017

Another week, another update – although this week we have less ‘new’ items to report. But since our work with the University continues and our Local Plan consultations are half completed, both of those activities have taken up most our time.

  1. University project update:
    • Work continues at the University and last week Norman Lewis (a member of our Steering Group & very experienced ecologist) gave a talk to the graduates about the geology/ecology of our Area to help them understand the constraints imposed by the topography such as flash flooding.
    • Gill Morral (a local historian) then followed with a history of Toton and the western part of Chilwell – with particular focus on the story of ‘The Depot’.
    • Next week we are helping the group plan their community consultation event currently scheduled for Mon 30th Oct.
      More on this next week but in the meantime the University has requested some help….
  2. …. Volunteers wanted please!
    • A group of students want to conduct a small number of in-depth surveys to help them gather opinions & ideas. These surveys take approx. an hour to complete and are separate to the more general event on the 30th
    • They are looking to interview approx 12-15 residents in total in the next two weeks. Members of the Steering Group are taking part in this exercise but…
    • ….we still need another 6-8 volunteers! Are you willing to help? Can you spare about an hour to conduct this survey?
      As the students say: “no need to bring anything other than your knowledge of the area and an open/interested mind”.
    • If you are willing to help please let me know at: heal00@gmail.com and I’ll coordinate the times and place – which will be local to Toton, possibly in a coffee shop.
  3. Local Plan consultations continues
    • We held our 2nd consultation event last Weds in Chilwell. Unfortunately the rain bucketed down during the 1st part of the evening, but when it eased off we were glad to welcome a small group of residents who came and provided their views & thoughts.
    • We were very pleased Cllr Graham Harvey attended and it was good to get his views and insights on the issues facing local residents in Inham Nook.
    • Comments from the evening were captured including a very interesting idea to provide some 4G football pitches. Ideas such as this are always welcome.
    • You can view all the comments collated so far on our website here.
      Next week’s event is on Weds 18th – between 6pm and 9pm – at Toton Methodist Church on Stapleford Lane. Please come along and have a chat.
  4. And finally…… (this is starting to sound like an old TV sketch!)
    • A warm welcome to new readers of these digests!
      We have captured details of new members over the last 2 weeks as well as gathering details from local businesses and people who work in the Area. If anyone wants to have a look at previous weeks’ digests please go to our website where you can find the complete history.
    • Some interesting numbers relating to our members and friends:
      • 570 people in total have registered with us since we started last year
      • 530 are members i.e. they live or work in our Area and will therefore be asked to vote on our Plan when it is produced
      • 487 separate email addresses who receive these weekly updates.
        [Where we have 2 members using the same email address e.g. a spouse or partner, we only send one email.]
      • 35 members who don’t have access to online updates – we provide quarterly hard copy newsletters to these members.

We are always looking for more members, especially in the business community, as well as ‘friends’ living outside our Area but who are interested in our work. Please help us grow by telling your neighbours & friends about the Forum and steer them to our website (details below) where they can register with us. The more who join us, the more views and thoughts we can incorporate in the final version of our Plan. Many thanks!


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