Weekly digest Oct 28th 2017

This week’s edition is decidedly short as I’m in the middle of drafting our response to the Local Plan consultation ready for Monday evening’s final session.  So a couple of reminders for 2 Forum events taking place on Monday…..

  1. University project update:
    • The community consultation event at Toton Tesco’s has been rescheduled for next Monday 30th between 10am to 5pm
    • Apologies for the last minute postponement of last week’s event but we have been in discussions with managers at the local store & they have kindly agreed to host the event early next week.
    • As per the request last week, we’d like to see lots of people coming along to take part. The more involvement, the greater the impact/validity of the results.
      So please do all you can to visit Toton Tesco on Monday and take part.
  2. Our final session to discuss the Local Plan Part 2….
    • ….also takes place next Monday 30th at the Village (in a meeting room on the 1st floor) between 6pm and 9pm. It’s all happening on Monday isn’t it!
    • The submission needs to be with the Council by next Friday 3rd so we have a small window next week to make further additions to our response. I’ll bring along copies of the draft for review and further input.
    • We have received 34 comments/suggestions from our first 3 sessions as well as those submitted on line and via email. This is a good level of response.
      It was great to see that comments covered a wide range of policies contained in the Plan.  It demonstrates a depth of interest in policies affecting the whole Borough as well as those in our immediate Area.
    • Thanks very much to everyone who came along and talked to us about hopes for the future, as well as concerns.

And finally…. a couple of members of the SG met yesterday afternoon to start planning activities for the new year. We have, of course, our AGM scheduled for January but we wanted to sketch out some ideas and tasks to build on the work we’ve done this autumn – more on this next week.  I’ll stop now to finish the draft response. Hope to see you on Monday at either (or both?) Tesco during the day or at the Village later on.

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