Weekly digest: Sep 14

Hello everyone,

You’ll be no doubt pleased to hear: the end is nigh! We are now in the last week of consulting you about the Plan. These updates have been relentless over the last few weeks with the sole focus being to get your feedback. You know the reasons for the focus, so I won’t repeat why this is the most important consultation the Forum has undertaken.
We just need one last heave to get us over the line. If you haven’t taken part yet……well this is your last chance to contribute.

Your views count! Your support matters! Many thanks.

1. Feedback past and future.

  • We have stepped smartly through the 50-response mark this week. The ‘flash news’ edition prompted a flurry of responses – which is terrific. Overall we have received 8 from Stakeholders and 45 from residents and friends. Many, many thanks to each of you who have responded.
  • However, we are looking for more…
    • This link takes you to the  https://cttcnf.org.uk/plan/ on-line form where you can document your views. 
    • On the same page, you’ll find a links to a copy of the Plan and a MS Word version of the response form if you’d prefer to download it and complete in your own time.

2. Final consultation session takes place…

  • ….next Friday Sept 20th 10-12.30 at Toton Tesco, Swiney Way. This is a change from the published venue – so please don’t go along to the Methodist Church, Stapleford Lane.
  • Come along to Tesco’s and have a chat and let us know your thoughts.
  • We’ll have paper copies of the feedback form, so if you dislike providing personal details online, then we are very happy to receive hard copy feedback as well. It all counts!

3. And finally….

  • A big shout out to Broxtowe Council for a very generous donation of £2,300.
  • We know the Council come in for a lot of stick at times but most of it – my view, anyway – is undeserved. From the Forum’s perspective the Council have always been very supportive in providing ongoing advice and encouragement. Cash support has also been provided to help cover costs that other funders always shy away from, especially core admin costs such as office rent and supplies.
  • This latest donation will see us through to the end of the project to deliver a Plan that reflects the views of our community and which will sit alongside the Council’s planning policies

We had a great turnout this week at the Scout Hall, thanks to everyone who turned up to quiz us on the Plan.  We’re hoping for similar interest and engagement next Friday at Tesco Toton. Hope to see you there.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll find details of the scheme.

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