Weekly digest: Sept 22

Hello again

This week’s edition is a little shorter than usual and the next one will be 3 weeks’ time. Reason being…. I’ve reported over the last few weeks about the hard work going on behind the scenes by a number of our Steering Group members in putting down on paper the policies we need to include in our Neighbourhood Plan. As you know, producing the Plan is the prime purpose of our Group and I need to start pulling my weight in the drafting process. To that end, I’ve spent time last week (and need to spend more over the next few weeks) in writing up my part of the Plan – the background story of the Forum and our Area.

So, I hope you’ll understand why I need scale back my time in producing these digests. For the next couple of months, I aim to send one out every 2 or 3 weeks. I reckon it will take 8 weeks or so to write my bits after which I’ll let you have a sneak preview of the content, so you can see how it is all taking shape.

In the meantime, a couple of quick updates

  1. Broxtowe Lotto starts this weekend!
    • Many thanks to all those who have signed up to the Broxtowe Lotto scheme.
    • As of today, a total of 22 tickets have been purchased by Forum supporters. Which means we will receive almost £600 a year!
    • This total means we’ll cover sundry office expenses such as paper, printer toner, stationery items etc. It will also help cover printing costs for posters and leaflets when we need to advertise future consultations and events
    • So, again, many thanks for your support! And GOOD LUCK in the weekly draws!
    • I’ve tagged details of our Broxtowe Lotto page below for those who would like to join in. Dare we hope to raise £1,000 a year from this scheme?
  2. HS2 Toton Hub Station Strategic Planning Group
    • It’s a bit of a mouthful, but this Group meets for the 1st time next week. I’ve mentioned before the Toton Station Delivery Board has been set up as a subsidiary board underneath the overarching HS2 Strategic Board. Our hope was to be a member but, as explained, it looks like the Toton Board is elected councillors only
    • However, this Planning Group comprises council officers, civil servants (from Dept Transport etc) and other stakeholders and will produce the detailed papers and recommendations sent to the Toton Board to review and approve.
    • We are a member of the Group, so will attend next week to contribute our ideas to the proposals for the Station and the wider Strategic Growth Zone.
    • I’ll provide an update next time
  3. And finally…… a couple of closing snippets this week
    • Those who attended the Wild About Toton event at the beginning of the month will remember there was a chain-saw sculptor who started work to produce a couple of wildlife sculptures. He has now finished – it took a number of days spread over a couple of weeks. Here is a picture of the finished works. They are terrific, aren’t they? They are located close to the Greenwood Community Centre if you want a 1st hand look.
    • The Beeston & District Local History Society are holding a talk on Weds October 17th. The topic is ‘Inham Nook – farmland to estate’. Here’s a link to a poster so, if you’d like to learn more about the background to Inham Nook, then this is the event for you. Hope to see you there!

That’s all I have this week. Expect the next digest in 3 weeks.  Besides working on the Plan, I’m on holiday in the first week of October – a cottage in Dorset. Here’s hoping it stays dry.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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