Weekly digest: Sept 9th

Hello again

Another week flashes by.  And, for us, it’s been another week of positive action with good outcomes. So let me quickly get down to business

  1. Broxtowe Borough Council meeting
    • As trailed last week, we met with Ruth Hyde (Chief Executive, Broxtowe Council) on Monday to brief her on our organisation, the steps we have taken so far, and our emerging vision for the future. Steffan Saunders (Head of Planning at the Council) also came along to hear our views
    • It was a very positive meeting with both Ruth and Steffan responding favourable to our thoughts for the shape of development. They provided useful input to help refine our ideas. Version 2 is now taking shape and we will shortly have something to share with you via a future digest and further consultation sessions
    • We intend to meet with our County & Borough councillors (and, hopefully, our MP) in the next few weeks to brief them. We want to ensure all ‘stakeholders’ have a chance to review and comment on our vision prior to putting it into our draft Plan.
    • Watch this space for more details on the consultations. I’d like to see some sessions take place in late Oct/early Nov
  2. Council grant
    • We are very pleased to report that Broxtowe Council have made a generous grant to the Forum to help fund our core costs – office rent and supplies.
    • You will know from past editions that we spend considerable time scratching around for funds to cover basic office costs and that funders are loath to provide grants for this sort of expenditure.
    • It is good news that Ruth was able to confirm a small council grant sufficient to cover our office costs for the next 12 months. For our part, we helped reduce these costs by agreeing to share our office – to the benefit of both parties. A win-win for all of us
    • So, I’d like, on behalf of the Steering Group, to thank the council for this grant. It demonstrates the value of building a close partnership to develop a future that works for all of us.
  3. Chetwynd Garden Village – part 2
    • Again as trailed in previous digests, the Steering Group discussed the detail of this opportunity at its meeting last week. Here’s another link to the garden communities programme
    • The Steering Group believes we should take this forward with the council. We briefly discussed it with Ruth and Steffan earlier in the week and they were supportive but wanted the chance to explore in more detail before providing any sort of commitment. It will have to be the council who submits the application – if it is decided to proceed.
    • Richard and Ian W agreed to sketch out a proposal for the council to build on before possibly being submitted as a formal application. We plan to meet with Ruth and other members of her team (Econ Development) by early Oct to see if the idea is worth taking forward.
    • Still early days, and I don’t want to set hares running, but I for one am excited by the possibilities presented. We’d like to hear your thoughts about this idea so please get in touch.
  4. Anyone for Lotto?
    • Many thanks to those of you who have already subscribed to our Lotto page on the Broxtowe Lotto website.
    • The game goes ‘live’ in a couple of weeks on Sept 22nd so there is still time for you to buy some tickets and support us. As the old saying goes, you have to be ‘innit to winnit’
    • A quick reminder of the scheme; each ticket costs £1 and comprises 6 numbers. If all your numbers come up (in the right order) then you win the jackpot of £25,000. Lesser amounts are won for fewer numbers. Here’s a pdf file summary of the scheme
    • For every £1 ticket bought via our page, we receive 50p! So, if you are minded to have a flutter and would like some of your cash to be donated to us then please…..buy your tickets from our CTTC Forum page: here’s the link
    • In the spirit of impartiality, I will add: “other good causes are available” to support on the website. Have a browse and see if there is something else you’d like to support (along us, of course!).
    • I won’t harp on about this scheme too often – I’ll probably add a link to it in the footer area of the digest. However, as I’m sure you can appreciate, the more cash we generate for ourselves, the more we will spend on: a) research for our Plan and, b) consultations to obtain your views and endorsements.
  5. And finally…
    • Affordable housing. As you know Mark is currently drafting up policies for our housing strand following your feedback on the consultation we did a couple of weeks ago. We came across this link to a Sunday Times sponsored housing competition for terrace house design. All designs on the short list are interesting, including one called ‘The Hundred House’ which (supposedly) costs £100k to build and can be erected in less than 100 hours. Perhaps some (all?) designs such as this could be used in our area? What do you think?
    • Wild About Toton event a couple of weeks ago received positive press coverage. In case you missed it here’s a link on the Broxtowe Council website. Thanks again to all who came along to our stall to have a chat – it’s always good to meet residents and friends and gather views.

Enough for this week. Published -again! –  a day later than normal due to being busy yesterday (Saturday) but I intend to get back on track next week. More next time.

Kind regards

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