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It’s another ‘Wow!’ moment to start this week’s edition. A fantastic number of people came along to our HS2 information session at the Greenwood Centre last week. We are never quite sure how these events will go, but we quietly thought the latest information from HS2 would strike a chord with local residents. And, boy, what a resounding chord we heard! Over 280 people came to learn more of HS2’s current plans; in particular their plans to demolish the Greenwood Centre and take out a large chunk of the Toton Fields Nature Reserve during the 6+ year construction period.

Thanks to all of you who came to see the plans and ask questions. ITV news came along as well, and I know of a couple of late-comers who came late-on after seeing their report on the early evening news. Who says publicity doesn’t pay?  However, the job is only half-done…..

  1. The next steps: consultation feedback…
  • The official HS2 consultation session for our area is next Friday 7th Dec from 2pm at West Park Leisure Centre, Long Eaton NG10 4AA. If you missed last week (or have more questions), then pop along to talk to HS2 staff who should be able to answer your questions.
  • The Forum’s Top Ten list of concerns/issues are here. But let us know if we have missed anything important to you. We want to compile as complete a list of issues as possible.
  • We have one further ask. Please, please respond to the consultation by 21st Dec, personally by using this HS2 on-line link. The link provides details to send in your views via email or post if you’d prefer.
  • As we emphasised at Greenwood, it sends a much more powerful message to HS2 if we all provide individual responses. The Forum will, of course, be sending in a response on behalf of residents, but all of us on the Steering Group will also be responding individually.
  • If you’d like to a reminder of the HS2 source material here are the links again:
    1. Non-technical summary (includes Hub Station) [1.4MB]
    2. Maps – Toton only. [19MB]
    3. Community Area report Ratcliffe to Long Eaton, inc. Toton. [9.2MB]
  • We have also set up a dedicated email address (cttcnf@gmail.com) Please use this address to send us a copy of the questions/queries you provide to HS2 as part of your response – it helps us gather the ‘big picture’
  1. Broxtowe Council Local Plan Part 2 hearings
    • I’ve mentioned these hearings before, but you might like to know they start next week at the Town Hall on Foster Avenue, Beeston. Anyone can turn up and observe these sessions. Details of dates/times of  individual sessions are here:
    • The key sessions for our Area both take place next Thursday 6 December:
      1. Morning session – starts 10am: Chetwynd Barracks
      2. Afternoon session – starts 2pm: Toton Strategic Growth Area
    • Richard – our chairman – is participating at both on our behalf. I’ll also be there to support & observe. If you have time, why not come along and see local democratic process in action?
  2. The Neighbourhood Plan – an update
  • I’ve mentioned before (more than once, I know) how busy the SG have been drafting up our Neighbourhood Plan. There is still a lot more work to be done but I wanted to give you a brief update. After all, the production of the Plan is the prime purpose of the Forum.
  • Well… the Plan will comprise 3 main sections:
    1. an introduction to our Area – its history, main geographic features and characteristics
    2. the vision and objectives for the future of our Area. How we’d like to see the Barracks and the Strategic Growth Area developed – based on your feedback from consultation sessions held over the last 12 months.
    3. the specific policies that reflects/delivers our objectives and which developers will need to comply with when building new homes/offices.
  • The first section has now been completed and has been reviewed by the Steering Group. So, I think it is ready to be shared with you to review and let us know your thoughts. I’ll discuss this with the SG at our meeting next week to check I have received all their input first. But expect to see a draft of ‘Section 1’ soon
  • The 2nd section is almost ready to be reviewed by the SG but that will take a few more weeks to collate and incorporate their feedback before sharing more widely with you.
  • The final, most important, section – the one containing the policies (with supporting justification) – will take longer to complete and won’t be ready until the new year.

4. And finally,……

  • Welcome to the 90 new recipients of this digest! Thank you again for signing up with us last Saturday. If you have queries about these items (and I often refer to previous editions), please get in touch. I’ll be very happy to provide background information to bring you up to speed. If, at any time, you want to unsubscribe from these digests, please use the unsubscribe facility at the bottom of this email.
  • A plea to help save the Attenborough-Long Eaton footpath. This item is slightly ‘off-topic’ as it doesn’t directly relate to our Area. However, we know how important the environment and green spaces are to a lot of you. We have been asked to publicise this campaign to save the path that runs from Barton Lane, Attenborough to Trent Meadows, Long Eaton following the main railway line past the sailing club. If you value this path (I use it almost weekly) then please use this link to a Facebook page to find details how to help. Many thanks

And that’s all folks for now.  Back again next week.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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