Wildlife in the Chetwynd Area

The Environmental Group would like your help. We are trying to catalogue some of the wildlife in the Forum Area. This will help us justify and protect areas of particular interest. We’re starting by looking at Trees, Flowers, Insects and Birds, what’s out there that you find interesting and/or attractive.

At the moment, we are particularly interested in mapping “Veteran Trees”. Veteran Trees are not necessarily ancient or even old, but they do have the ‘scars’ of age such as decay, dead wood or fungal fruiting bodies. They provide valuable wildlife habitats and can be protected in a number of ways. If you think you have a tree worthy of note, send a photo, its location and (if you know it) its identity to photos.cttcnf@gmail.com. If you don’t know what it is, one of our team will come out and help to identify it.

Hopefully we can build up a record of wildlife other things that make our area somewhere where we want to live.

Its started here, but as you can see we need lots more photos.

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2 Responses to Wildlife in the Chetwynd Area

  1. helen skinner says:

    I have been having a good look around chilwell west , searching for hedgerows and also noticing the magnificent trees which we have. i have a picture of a very old beech tree on Inham road , but not sure how to add it to your collection

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