Broxtowe: Toton & Chetwynd Strategic Masterplan SPD: Request For Adoption by the Council 

The Council Meeting of the 12th October includes (at item 8 on the agenda) a request to adopt the updated Strategic Masterplan for Toton and Chetwynd Barracks. The first indication of this activity was an informal notification received by the Forum on Friday evening 7th October. 

The Masterplan is a significant part of the planning process for changes to be made in our Area and we feel that such short notice is effectively “pushing it through” Council without the opportunity for the Community, and other respondents to the consultation, to read and understand the updated Masterplan, particularly in the light of the Government’s Integrated Rail Plan. The 95 page Masterplan does not show what changes have been made to the original consultation draft version.

The Neighbourhood Forum are writing to the Council asking that this item be delayed until the subsequent Council Meeting to allow adequate time for review and would ask you to do the same by emailing your councillor.

Councillor Lee Fletcher

Councillor Stephanie Kerry

Councillor Halimah G Khaled MBE

Chilwell West Ward

Councillor Eileen H Atherton

Councillor Helen E Skinner

Councillor Colin M Tideswell


Our County Councillors are:

Councillor Richard Jackson

Councillor Eric Kerry

The October 2021 SPD Draft is here:

The September 2022 SPD is here:

The consultation responses and Broxtowe’s Actions are here:

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