Chairman’s Update 3rd July 2021

A brief update this time as we had the chance to meet the new Managing Director, Richard Carr, of the East Midlands Development Company (EMDevCo) on Thursday 1st July. The purpose of the meeting was for us to introduce the Neighbourhood Forum, our Plan, vision and aspirations for the future of the Area. It was great to spend time with Richard and Ken Harrison (Project Director, EMDevCo) and walk the site, explain our thoughts and discuss how we could bring to life a number of the aspirations that we have set out in the draft Plan that has been submitted.

I was joined by Ian Ward (our Community Interest Company Chairman). We both felt that it was a productive first meeting and the discussion held had been productive and encouraging as to how we all want to see the site come forward, and the long term vision for pre, during and post development for the integration of our existing community into the new future community.

We hope to continue this productive start and have offered the community’s assistance in what will be a significant impact on all of our lives, and one that needs to be managed sensitively and productively so that we can all continue with our current busy lives while the future community grows around us, and then for us to be able to enjoy the new location when it is completed.

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask via the Contact Us page and we will do our best to provide an answer on the Questions and Answers page. Please do take a look at the link to the EMDevCo website above to see how they are setting out the way forward.

Please also remember to review and comment on the draft Strategic Planning Document that has been released (which we commented on in the Digest three weeks ago) as we need as much community input as we can get to ensure that our future community is one that we can all enjoy living in. The SPD is available through our Consultations page.

Picture from left to right: Richard Hutchinson (Chair – Neighbourhood Forum), Richard Carr (Managing Director – East Midlands Development Company), Ian Ward (Chair – Community Interest Company)

Richard Hutchinson
Chairman, Chetwynd – The Toton and Chilwell Neighbourhood Forum

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