Chetwynd: Neighbourhood Forum Focus Groups

As you are aware our Neighbourhood Plan currently resides with Broxtowe Borough Council as they are currently reviewing to take forward for external assessment. David, Vice Chair, has updated on the latest state of play (see his Digest Post here).

The Plan contains all our policies and aspirations that you have put forward to ensure the residents have a say in how our area is developed over the next twenty years and beyond. The focus groups have been put together to work on the details of the plan and ensure there are solid rationale and business cases to not only back up our vision but also allow us to challenge from an informed perspective any plans that challenge our wishes.

There are 3 focus groups: Environment; Infrastructure and Community Development.

Each group has identified objectives to ensure our plan is fully supported to this end. The objectives are in the form of Terms of Reference, under which there are subheadings to guide our progress and objectivity.

Each group not only contains volunteers from our community but also experts in their chosen field who are assisting us build our business cases and gather information in support of the NP.

The progress of each of the Focus Groups can be traced from their pages on our website, Environment, Infrastructure and Community Development. If you want to help, go to our Contacts Page and fill in the form.

All the Best

Focus Group Leaders

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