CTTCNF Design Codes

As previously reported, we are now happy to release our own Design Codes for you to read and comment upon. These come on the back of the EMDevCo Design Codes consultation, which will now be open until the 30th April.

As mentioned previously, the EmDevCo Design Codes are very high level, and ours are very much more detailed showing our ideas and visions. We hope you will comment upon them to help us ensure we have captured our neighbourhood’s thoughts from our previous consultations.

It is important to note that the Design Codes were completed before the outcomes of the IRP and Neighbourhood Plan examination, so for instance the Bardills roundabout and potential locations for new School and Sports centre will be different to that shown in this document, but we feel this does not detract at all from the work done.

The Design Codes & Feedback forms are available by clicking on the image below together with a live document and we will endeavour to respond to comments and questions where we can. We shall over the the course of the next few weeks be providing the support documents also for you to comment upon, so watch this space for more updates.

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