Follow-up Notices

  • Toton & Chilwell Meadows CAT meeting output. 
    One of the outputs from the meeting was that Cllr Fletcher kindly provided a link an online crime database at
    I’ve had a quick delve into this site and it makes interesting reading. It is pretty easy/intuitive to follow, you just need to enter your postcode.

  • Improvements to Toton Fields Reserve paths and woodlands are continuing. It now looks as though it will run into the new year. The Friends continue to keep an eye on things and liaise with the contractors/council. Let us know if you have any concerns/issues about these improvements.

  • I promised a flavour of the students work.  Here are links from our website:
    • This one captures images from 100 years ago during WW1
    • Another one from the past, portraying a timeline of Toton Sidings
    • An interesting but unusual view of our Area – tube-style map. [No, there are no plans to build an underground network in Toton and Chilwell!]
    • Some ‘walkability’ diagrams. These show how easy it is to get around our area; i.e. how far we can walk within 5 mins (purple circle) or 10 mins (orange circle)
    • Finally, we know traffic to/from HS2 will create problems.
      Here’s a possible solution – original taken from HS2 Growth Strategy
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