Looking forward to 2018 & beyond

  • Looking back, we have had a very busy year (and a bit) and we are now firmly established as a Neighbourhood Forum. But no more on that here – I’ll leave the details to the Annual Report
  • However I thought you might be interested to know the shape of the next 12 months or so. We have produced a project plan which, as you might expect, is almost continuously being reviewed and refined.
  • The end result, of course, is the production of our Neighbourhood Plan. And you may be wondering when you can expect to see it completed.
  • Given the scope of our Area contains both the HS2 Growth area and the Barracks, you can appreciate this will take time. [On average, Neighbourhood Plans take circa 2 years before they are ‘made’ i.e. adopted by the council]
  • Rough timetable from our current project plan is as follows:
    • Spring 2018:
      • Community engagement: finish gathering ideas/input
      • Complete evidence gathering e.g. traffic analysis etc
    • Summer 2018:
      • Draft policies and plan produced
    • Autumn 2018:
      • Forum consults on draft Plan: obtains feedback and refines
      • Plan submitted to Broxtowe Council
      • Independent Examiner appointed
    • Spring 2019:
      • Council’s consultation of Plan (circa 8 weeks), followed by…
      • Independent examination (circa 6 weeks)
      • Plan modified if necessary
    • Summer 2019:
      • Referendum: all residents in the Area will have a vote
      • If approved – Plan is then ‘made’.
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