Nottinghamshire County Council Bid for Toton’s £40m Link Road

Update: This Bid Failed. See This link for more information. (Note the information in the article is not completely accurate, the 4,500 homes figure is the capacity of Chetwynd Barracks + The Strategic Land for Growth. Chetwynd Barracks has a capacity of 1,500).

Across all forms of media from the BBC, Nottingham Post, Notts TV, NG9 News and more Toton has been in the spotlight following the new £40m bid from Nottinghamshire County Council for a share of the government’s “Levelling Up Fund”.

This is to help deliver the much needed housing and employment in our area.  The housing allocation was originally set by central government and then passed to the local planning authority, in our case Broxtowe Borough Council, to provide the necessary land for development.  Additionally, Chetwynd Barracks was deemed to be surplus to future requirements by the Ministry of Defence and included in the overall figures. Combined this makes our area highly important within the context of the larger strategic growth area being worked up by the East Midlands Development Company (EMDevCo).

The link road shown in the map below (Nottinghamshire County Council’s Draft Proposal) would provide access to the 1,500 proposed dwellings on the Chetwynd Barracks site, and the 2,000 to 3,000 proposed dwellings to the north of Toton both east and west of Stapleford Lane. This would also add the opportunity for new public transport provision, access to the proposed new Network Rail Toton Station and include walking and cycling facilities.

The provision of a new access road usually precedes a large-scale development as it makes it a more attractive proposition for developers, being both easier to sell or let the proposed dwellings, and giving more efficient access to the building site.

From a Neighbourhood Forum perspective we are broadly in favour of the scheme (as it aligns well with our aspirations & policies in our own Plan) and have written to Nottinghamshire County Council to this effect having also supported this approach in past meetings with them. The diagram above is indicative with further detail to follow as the planning process proceeds. In particular, the junction layout where the link road meets the A52, will need careful consideration/consultation.

Our key objectives for the area remain the same in creating a quality environment for new and future residents as demonstrated in the Neighbourhood Plan i.e.the delivery of high quality, energy efficient homes with accessible green spaces.  A priority following local consultation was to ensure good access which did not create damaging levels of congestion on Stapleford Lane and Swiney Way.  Everyone can remember the disruption that came with the delivery of NET! The proposed road will help divert both construction traffic and future residential traffic movement from Stapleford Lane and Swiney Way whilst also helping speed up the construction phase.

Ian C, Infrastructure Focus Group Lead

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