The Forum Digest: Nov 07

Hello again,

We are approaching the end of Broxtowe Borough Council’s Strategic Masterplan consultation – it finishes on November 22nd. As you know, the Masterplan will have a major impact upon the future of the Toton, Chilwell West, as well as nearby communities such as Stapleford & Long Eaton. It is vitally important that local views are heard so that amendments can be made before it becomes set in stone as a formal Supplementary Planning Document that sits alongside tbe Council’s Local Plan Part 2.

1. Strategic Masterplan – some example comments

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  • The Council are keen to receive large numbers of comments from residents in and around our Area.  With over 16,000 people living in Toton & Chilwell West, it’s important to make sure our combined voices are heard. If those of us who live and work here don’t respond, the developers will likely assume we don’t care. They will then go ahead and build something that suits them, with insufficient supporting infrastructure such as more and better green spaces, better roads, new schools and medical facilities etc.
  • Everybody has the opportunity to comment. Development of the area will take upwards of 20 years, so it will be future generations (your children and grandchildren) who will be the ones living with the results. It is well worth your while to take a little time now to ensure we help shape the future look of the area.  
  • The SG have been considering the Strategic Masterplan over the last few weeks. Here is a link to a document containing some of our thoughts. The document is based on the official version of the Feedback Form so you may wish to use it (here is the ‘original MS Word version) to capture your views and send it back to the Council as detailed further below.
  • We hope you find these comments useful as a prompt. We do not expect them to fully reflect your own thoughts and would encourage you to make your own response to the consultation independently. The more individual responses made in response to the consultation, the better.
  • If you haven’t yet taken part, PLEASE RESPOND to the consultation. Either by:

2. Forum Newsletter – some bouquets.

  • The newsletter has now been delivered to pretty much all of the (circa) 6,600 homes in our area. It has been a big undertaking to get them all delivered in the last 3 or 4 weeks. We couldn’t have done it without the sterling efforts of the Steering Group – so thank you all!
  • However, what made a huge difference this time, in getting them delivered so quickly, was the number of volunteers who stepped forward to help us out. I’d like to acknowledge all nine residents who delivered newsletters on our behalf to their immediate neighbourhood.
  • So, a BIG THANK YOU! to:
    • Barry N
    • Chris C
    • Cindy B
    • Heather S-P
    • Kayt R
    • Louise H
    • Owen O
    • Rose S
    • Rosemary B

3. And finally…

  • Covid 19 Lockdown. One final link (for now) to a graphic that I found to be useful as a summary of the current restrictions in place during this period of lockdown.

And that’s it for this week. See you next time.

Kind regards

CTTC Neighbourhood Plan. Copies are available from this page on our website.

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme

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