A Forum Newsflash: Nov 18


The reason for this short Newsflash is to remind you that the current consultation on the Strategic Masterplan finishes this Sunday, November 22nd – 4 days away.
You know we have been pushing hard to encourage as much response to the Masterplan as possible.
You know it will have a major impact upon the future of the Toton and Chilwell West.
You know it is vitally important that local views are heard so that amendments are made before it becomes set in stone as a formal Supplementary Planning Document.

Hence the reason for this emergency digest; one final ‘call to action’ to remind you that if you were planning to submit a response but not yet done so…. time is fast running out! The following paragraph is pretty much a straight copy/paste from the last digest as it provides the information (and links) you need to provide a response.  

1. Strategic Masterplan: final thoughts as a prompt.

  • We have received some initial feedback from the County Council on the engagement thus far (earlier this week) to the exercise…
    • Total individual page views (including returning visitors): 4,861
    • Total unique visitors to the site: 3,952
    • Total responses to the feedback form: 105
      … which is pretty good and the (almost) 4,000 unique visitors clearly demonstrate the interest it has generated. My guess is that the vast majority of visitors will be residents of our area.  So, it will be great if we work together over these last 4 days to push the final total of responses to reach 150+
  • Everybody should take the opportunity to comment. Development of the area will take upwards of 20 years, so it will be future generations who will be the ones living with the results. It is well worth taking time to help shape the future of the area.  
  • The SG have considered the Strategic Masterplan over the last few weeks. Here is a link to a document containing some of our thoughts. The document is based on the official version of the Feedback Form so you may wish to use it (here is the ‘original MS Word version) to capture your views and send it back to the Council as detailed further below.
  • We hope you find the comments a useful prompt. They won’t fully reflect your own thoughts and so we encourage you to make your own response to the consultation independently. The more individual responses made in response to the consultation, the better.
  • If you haven’t yet taken part, PLEASE RESPOND to the consultation. Either by:

And that’s it for this newsflash. The next time I mention this consultation will be to report on the results.

Many thanks

CTTC Neighbourhood Plan. Copies are available from this page on our website.

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme

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