The Forum Digest: Oct 17

Hello again,

A lot has taken place over the last 3 weeks and – as previewed in previously – an important consultation has just kicked off which directly affects all of us who live and/or work in and around Toton and Chilwell. So let’s get straight down to business….

1. Toton and Chetwynd Barracks Strategic Masterplan

  • Broxtowe Borough Council, (with help from the County Council and their consultants) have produced and now published for consultation a strategic masterplan covering Toton and Chetwynd Barracks. You’ll have no doubt received a flyer through the door and it has been widely publicised in local media.
  • The purpose of the masterplan is to provide the type and location of developments we can expect to see in our Area over the next 20 years. It seeks to establish, at a high level, what needs to be built, where it is built and when. This includes green infrastructure (new green spaces and corridors), roads, community facilities as well as new houses/offices etc. The intention is that the masterplan, once it has completed due process, will be adopted as a supplementary document that supports the Council’s Local Plan Part 2.
  • So, this is important!  We strongly encourage everyone to take time to look at the proposals and provide your views. The consultation runs until November 22 so, with the greatest respect, there is no excuse not to get involved.
  • However, the pandemic means the consultation is taking place online. No physical sessions have been organised to allow you to view the information and ask questions in person. So, to help ease the process, read on, but first…

2. An overview from Richard, our Chairman

  • Steering Group members are currently producing a number of short (3 or 4 mins) videos that will be published periodically over the next few weeks. It is a new venture for us and the intention is to provide a platform for members of the Steering Group to inform you of the work we intend to undertake over the next year or so.
  • In this introductory video, Richard, covers three main themes:
    • The background to the production of our Neighbourhood Plan – submitted to the council in June
    • The importance of this strategic masterplan and the way it fits in with both the Council’s Local Plan Part 2 and our own Neighbourhood Plan. (The links are to the Local Plan itself and our website where you can access our Plan – either complete or section by section).  Richard emphasises the need for us all to get involved in the current exercise and provide feedback.
    • The 4 main focus groups recently set up and the way they will take the Forum forward. Each lead of the focus groups will be producing their own video over the next few weeks. They will be published here.
  • Please let us know what you think. Are short videos providing a snapshot of our activities a good idea? We’d welcome comments/observations on both the format generally, and the content of this first one, please get in touch. Meanwhile…

3. Accessing the Consultation

  • Here is a link to the Strategic Masterplan consultation page on our website. Here you will find:
    • A link to the online consultation where you will find yourself in a virtual ‘consultation room’. You then ‘walk’ around the room – using the navigation buttons – to examine each board in turn. There is a ‘?’ button at the bottom that contains Frequently Asked Questions
    • Individual links to each board so you don’t need to enter or navigate around the ‘room’, if you’d prefer not to
    • Finally, there is a link to a pdf file that contains all the boards so you can download the consultation and view it offline at your leisure.
  • At the moment, you can only provide feedback by going into the online consultation room and adding comments directly – using the icon on the table to the left of the room.
  • However, we are working on producing a downloadable file containing the questions asked at boards 4-9 so you can compose your responses offline and then copy/paste them into the online form when you are ready to submit. We hope to publish that next time.

4. And finally….

  • Our newsletter has been published and is being delivered over the next few weeks. If you haven’t yet received a copy through your door, here is a link to it. We’ve provided our contact details at the end. And it is great to report that we have already had well over 20 new ‘likes’ to our Facebook page.  So, if you happen to be one of our new ‘likers’, then… welcome to the Forum! We hope you enjoy these updates of our activities.

And that’s more than enough for this week. Expect to hear more about the consultation over the next few weeks, when we will let you know our thoughts on the proposals. To be honest there’s a lot we like, but – as Richard notes – there are also bits we disagree with (hint: look at board 8 and the proposed road/tramway to the Hub Station).
As always – if you have any comments/observations, please get in touch and we will be glad to help! See you next time

Kind regards

CTTC Neighbourhood Plan. Copies are available from this page on our website.

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme

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