Three Updates

A few updates and news items this week:-

Neighbourhood Plan

Following ongoing discussions between the Steering Group, the Broxtowe Planning Team and our consultant, updated and modified text for the Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to the Independent Examiner by Broxtowe on the 8th March 2023 (following an agreed deadline extension), together with a schedule of amendments. The text includes some further amendments to the Policy section previously submitted on 3rd February. We all believe this is a much stronger document, but it is for the Examiner to approve the changes.

We envisage that the schedule of amendments will then be subject to a further limited period of public consultation. However, we await the Independent Examiner’s recommendations on this in due course, and will update the Plan page accordingly once received. This means we are unable to put these changes and modified Plan in the public domain until the Examiner has responded with her final report. We are sure you will understand that we mustn’t compromise the process at this stage.

SPD Adoption

Broxtowe Borough Council adopted the Toton and Chetwynd Barracks Strategic Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document at its Cabinet meeting on 7th February 2023. See the Adoption Statement.

A further link to the Broxtowe SPD page is here where you will find the document itself.

Briefing Paper

In case you were wondering what the relationship is between the Local Plan, Neighbourhood Plan and the SPD, but were too afraid to ask, here is a helpful Briefing Paper!

It has been prepared for us by our Consultant Urban Vision Enterprise, who have been providing great support and advice during the post examination modification process for our Plan.

In brief summary (but please do read the full document), the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan together form the Development Plan for the Forum Area and must be referred to by Broxtowe when determining relevant planning applications. A Supplementary Planning Document provides further detail and is of material consideration in determining planning applications.

Where there are any policy differences between these documents, the later part of the Development Plan takes precedence. In our case this will be the Neighbourhood Plan (once ‘made’) until the Local Plan is updated. During our discussions with Broxtowe we have minimised any differences (where there were any) between the documents, and when the Local Plan is updated, the Forum will be able to update its Neighbourhood Plan. Our Plan can be updated at any time (subject to the same regulatory consultations that we have already been through), but we don’t see that this will be likely until such time as a new Local Plan is brought forward by Broxtowe.   

We hope this answers any questions you may have had, but feel free to contact us if not.

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