Toton & Chetwynd Barracks Strategic Masterplan

We think its important that as many comments are made about the Masterplan as possible so we’ll be highlighting things we like/don’t like to help you find your way around it.

Broxtowe admit in their review of comments received from the first Consultation that a number of comments were made about the lack of detail in the number of homes & employment opportunities in the different Character Areas, the size, affordability & tenure of the homes to be built and the development timescales. We are particularly concerned that no indication is given on the maximum number of homes to be built in each of the Character Areas.

The Character Area Section (Section 4) contains little more detail than the original consultation, their reason being that: “The Masterplan is intended to be flexible,…”. The Phasing Section (5.1) says “development will take place gradually over the next 25 years…”

We think there should be more detail.
Read the Masterplan and make your own comments.

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