Weekly digest: Apr 12

Hello again,

This week’s edition is, you’ll be pleased to know, another short, snappy update. Reason being is that the Steering Group’s focus continues to be the Plan – reviewing and strengthening it ready for formal publication.  Therefore, as you might expect, other activities are taking a back seat for the moment.

1. So firstly…… a couple of updates.

  • Plan booklet design work. I mentioned we commissioned this work last week and we’ve already received some initial ideas. They are based on our current ‘branded’ work to make sure they are easily identified as being Forum related. Here’s a link to initial thoughts for the front cover. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts
  • Mapmaker update. Again, as previously reported we need to get some of the maps tweaked before publishing them in the Plan. We are meeting the mapmakers next week to be sure they fully understand our thoughts on the precise locations of the proposed green infrastructure corridors, the cycle routes, and our ideas for new road layouts. These maps form the foundations of critical policies in the Plan, so it is important they are spot on.
  • Broxtowe Council meeting. We are looking to meet with the Council’s Head of Planning in the next week or two so we can show him our draft policies. We are not looking for the Council’s agreement/endorsement – that’s for the community to provide. However, we do need to ensure our policies are ‘in compliance’ with the Council’s Local Plan, hence the reason to meet up sooner rather than later. We are confident we are compliant but worth checking before anything gets published.

2. And finally…… a couple of reminders.

  • Toton Sidings – from Canal to HS2. We mentioned this talk on the Sidings, by Bramcote History Group, a couple of weeks ago. But it’s taking place this Monday 15th April. Details are here if you are interested.
  • Broxtowe Lotto. Is it time for another reminder for this scheme? Long time readers of the digest know the Forum registered as a ‘good cause’ when the scheme was launched last September. For those who have recently joined us – as well as others who may be thinking of supporting us –  here is a leaflet, first released a couple of months ago, that explains how the scheme works. If you’d like to take part and join our existing supporters, the leaflet has an in-built link that takes you directly to our page. Every penny we raise from the scheme helps us to cover our core admin costs in running our office and hiring meeting rooms.  So, if you are thinking of having a flutter …. then please think about supporting us. Many thanks!
    • And if you already support of the Forum via the Lotto – many thanks for your ongoing help”. It really does mean a lot to us; not just the additional funds you contribute, but the knowledge you clearly appreciate the work we are doing.

Next weekend is Easter, so the digest will take another short break. But, don’t worry, we’ll be back before you know it!

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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