Weekly digest: Apr 6

Hello again

Following last week’s announcement that we passed a critical milestone in the production of our Neighbourhood Plan (the 1st draft), this week’s edition reverts to a more ‘run of the mill’ update with reports on recent meetings and reports. First the reports…

1. CTTC Forum Annual Report

  • I reported last week that our annual accounts have been independently examined and this week we have received the examiner’s report. This has now been incorporated into our Annual Report and you can read it all here.
  • Headline numbers from the accounts are:
    • Funds brought forward (as at 01 Jan 2018):  £6,816
    • Total Income/Receipts in 2018:                      £13,854
    • Total Expenditure/Payments in 2018:            £10,205
    • Funds carried forward (as at 31 Dec 2018):   £10,465
  • I published the draft minutes of the AGM last week, but here is another link in case you missed it

2. Evidence Base and Policy Definition Report

  • You will recall I’ve talked about this report in previous digests. The final version – produced by AECOM – has now been authorised by Locality, who funded it.
  • It is another hefty document – well over 100 pages – and can be a little ‘dense’ to read. But it is a great report and provides a lot of valuable material that have helped to shape our policy ideas. The report also critiqued the evidence we have gathered to justify our policies and supplied sources of further supporting evidence.
  • If you don’t have time to read it (and here is a link), don’t worry, the key elements are in our Plan. You may call it plagiarism but, to be honest, the reason we asked for this report is because we recognised we needed help to get the technical jargon correct. We have to be sure our policies are worded in a way that meets legal requirements and so make it easier to pass the examination process.

3. Meetings update

  • On top of the meetings reported last week, a number of other have taken place over the last couple of weeks
  • D2N2 Chief Executive Officer.  Richard, our chairman, met with the CEO of D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership recently. The prime purpose was to introduce ourselves to Sajeeda Rose following her appointment to the post last December. D2N2 are an important stakeholder in the development of our Area, in particular Toton Sidings. Sajeeda is very supportive of the work of the Forum and provided useful advice in getting the Forum’s voice heard at the right levels. We intend to build on this relationship, especially the CIC (Community Interest Company), as it will help build our credibility in the business sector
  • CIC meeting. Talking of our CIC, the Directors held a meeting last week where they started to flesh out their ideas for the company. Their immediate aim is to develop a ‘prospectus’ containing their main goals for the company and will seek endorsement from the Forum in the next few weeks.
  • Barracks subgroup meeting. This subgroup met during the week to cast a critical eye over the draft Plan – with a particular focus on the Barracks section. It was a positive meeting with lots of suggestions made that immeasurably improve the draft. Other members of the Steering Group have also provided suggestions to improve the document and it is becoming stronger as each week passes.

4. And finally…..

  • A big ‘thank you’ to Councillor Eric Kerry,who has generously donated £750 to the Forum to help with the next stage of our work, publicising the Plan and consulting with everyone who lives and works here. Both our county councillors have been very supportive in the past and we appreciate their ongoing support as we reach the end stages of the process.
  • Plan booklet design work commissioned. Alongside the work to refine and strengthen the Plan, we have commissioned a local design and print company to produce some eye-catching designs for the booklet and leaflets to help promote the Plan.

And that’s all folks this time – more next week.

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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