Weekly digest: Feb 16

Hello everyone

Another year; another AGM; another fantastic turnout; so what else but another… ‘WOW’ moment!

At our first AGM last year, we asked for 50 chairs to be set out as we expected less than 100 to come along. And, as many of you know, we were overwhelmed by the 300+ attendance. So, this year, we asked for 150 chairs to be laid out and, yet again, you confounded expectations!

The new Steering Group thanks each and everyone one of you who came along last Sunday to our Meeting. It again clearly demonstrated the depth of support you have for the Forum. That sends a powerful message to the various Boards and bodies involved in developing the HS2 interchange station and Chetwynd Barracks.

1. Drowning by numbers I: the AGM

  • A total of 241 registered for the meeting. So, you can see why an awful lot of people had to stand through the (thankfully relatively short) meeting. 
  • Of this total just over 50% (121) were new to the Forum, having come along as a result of our blanket leaflet drop or from hearing about the meeting by other means. Of the newly registered; 109 are members (who live/work in our Area) with the other 12 living elsewhere.
  • To all new members and friends reading this digest for the first time: Welcome! You’ve missed the previous 62 thrilling instalments, but no matter – you haven’t missed much! – it is good to have you join us. It all helps to increase the voice and strength of the Forum. You will soon learn more about us, but if you have any queries at any time, please get in touch
  • A word to our 119 existing members and friends who came along. Many thanks for your continuing support – it is very good to know you remain interested in our activities and the work we have undertaken up to now.

2. Drowning by numbers II: Forum registrations

  • We periodically examine our mailing list to ensure we hold accurate and relevant data. After updating the list earlier this week it is great to report we have broken through the 1,000 milestone!
  • Yes, 1,056 people are now registered with the Forum. Of this, 939 are members with the remaining 117 being valued friends, interested in our activities
  • These are truly incredible numbers. We are by far the biggest Forum in Broxtowe and indeed there can’t be many Neighbourhood Forums in the country that match this level of support.

3. Parliamentary business matters

  • It was good to welcome our MP Anna Soubry to the meeting; she passed on some very kind words to us regarding the work of the Forum and the fantastic turnout.  Indeed, she tweeted out from the meeting showing the great attendance – here is a link to the tweet
  • Anna also raised a question directly referencing the Forum in Parliament last Thursday. She requested support from the Transport Minister that the Forum is involved in the work of the development organisation currently being set up. Here is a link to the question itself and a link to Anna asking the question in Parliament.
  • Expect to hear more of this development body in future editions. It will play a pivotal role in determining how our Area will be developed and we need to be included when it undertakes its deliberations.
  • I’d also like to thank the councillors who attended last week. Three of our local ward/county councillors attended and we received apologies from 2 more. In addition, two councillors from further afield came along; one from Beeston and one from Long Eaton, who sits on Erewash Borough Council.  They were all very welcome. It is good to have their support for our work.

4. Links for old and links for new….

  • For those who couldn’t attend last week here are some illustrations of how the new village centre/Plaza might look in the Barracks PlazaView1PlazaView2: PlazaView3  I’ll post links to some more maps next week.
  • This link takes you to Richard’s Annual report presentation – which includes some slides about the new Community Interest Company we have formed.
  • For those new members/friends who have joined us here is a link to the first 2 sections of our Neighbourhood Plan. This is a 30+ page document setting out our Area and prime aims and objectives of the Forum. It is worth reading as it provides a good background on the activities and work of the Forum over the last couple of years

5. And finally…… a couple more ‘shout outs’

  • It was great to welcome Steffan Saunders – Head of Planning at Broxtowe Council – to the AGM.  It is a testament to our work that a senior officer of the council interrupts his weekend to come along to see first-hand the depth of community support.
  • We also want to thank Peter Macnaughton for producing a terrific set of illustrations of the Barracks – especially the focus on the Plaza/village centre. I’ve linked to some of his work above – more next week about Peter and his work for us.
  • HS2 also had a busy afternoon at the meeting and we’d like to thank Paul Mullins, HS2 Engagement Manager for our Area for giving up part of his weekend to  attend and field your queries.

And that is more than enough for this week. Another longish edition I’m afraid but a lot to get though in the aftermath of the AGM and – to be honest – we are all still buzzing at the depth of support demonstrated. More next week

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme

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