Weekly digest: Nov 3

Hello again

Another short, snappy edition as I’m in full ‘writer’ mode at the moment putting together the Neighbourhood Plan. However, this week……. we need to talk about HS2.

  1. HS2 Consultation: Greenwood Centre Nov 24th
    • The Forum has booked the Greenwood Centre on Saturday 24th November between 1pm and 6pm to host our own HS2 consultation session.
    • Members of the Steering Group have been through the various documents in great detail and we are concerned over several items being proposed not least:
      • sectioning off a huge tract of Toton Fields Local Nature Reserve during construction – potentially for over 5 years.
      • demolishing the Greenwood Centre along with significant parts of the woods in the Reserve
      • moving A52 bridge over the Sidings 25 meters further south. The bridge needs to be higher to allow the train to pass under – so a brand new bridge south of the current one is planned.
      • station car parking (4,000 capacity) is all at ground level and spread over both the east and west sides of the station.
      • no obvious allowance for the tram to extend down to the station
      • etc.
    • Team members met with HS2 people at the Trowell exhibition yesterday where we presented them with a list of issues (20+ at the last count) that we wanted to discuss with them and we have a follow-up 121 meeting next Friday.
    • We obviously want HS2 to attend our session on the 24th but it’s not certain yet they will attend our event as well as the ‘official’ HS2 session at Long Eaton on Dec 7th.
    • But we strongly urge you to come to Greenwood on the 24th where we will explain our concerns and gather your views and thoughts. This is the time for us to give a clear message to HS2 regarding their current plans and our suggested improvements.
  2. HS2 documents
    • To save you searching out the links from last week:
    • These are large documents but well worth reading if you have an interest is what is currently planned for the Sidings.
    • Alternatively come along to Greenwood on the 24th and we’ll explain all! Now, there’s a hostage to fortune!
  3. Garden Communities Fund application
    • We met with Broxtowe Council and their consultants (ARUP) last Monday to discuss this application. The council invited the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (& their team) along as well given they own the land.
    • The DIO mentioned they were aware of other funding streams available from the government, so we hope to work with them separately to explore other avenues that we could tap into.
    • ARUP have been busy this week drafting up the application and we are due to meet up again early next week to go through the document before final sign-off and submission to the government. More on this next week following submission
  4. And finally….
    • Heritage and Character Assessment report. We spent some time on the draft report making suggestions and we haven’t quite finished yet. We will to send off our corrections this week so the final, authorised version may not be back to us until the end of Nov. I said last time it could be with us early Nov. but that isn’t now feasible
    • Chetwynd Barracks consultation. The Steering Group collated our response to the DIO’s exhibition and submitted it to organisers last week. If you’d like to see a copy of our feedback (just a collection of our thoughts/observations), here is a link to the document.

That’s all folks for this week.…

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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