Weekly digest: Oct 20

Hello everyone

Another busy week but I shall be even succincter (is that even a word?) than last week as I don’t intend to be long-winded.

  1. Chetwynd Barracks consultation has now taken place…
    • … so, if you missed it then it’s now too late to attend a session.
    • However, all is not lost: below are links to: a) the banners on display at the event and b) the website where you can provide online feedback
      1. Display banners here
      2. Website to log ‘have your say’ comments
    • We’d urge all those who didn’t have time to attend a session to have a look at the online information and provide feedback. The more you provide the better a picture is painted.
  2. Master planning commission kicked off
    • You’ll recall we received a grant from Locality in September to fund some master planning work of our own for the Barracks area and beyond
    • We met with Peter, the ex-University student who worked with us earlier this year, and who is now a fully-fledged architect.
    • Peter will be building on the work he did for us last year by producing a detailed master plan for the Barracks site as well as producing some illustrations of street scenes and housing designs
    • We’ve asked for the illustrations to be ready for our AGM in the new year, so you will be able to see our thoughts for the area and compare them to the DIO’s ideas.
  3. HS2 consultation documents
    • As heralded last week I’ve produced a couple of condensed documents that explain the impact of HS2 on our area.
      1. Non-technical summary Ratcliffe to Long Eaton, inc. Toton. [22 pages: 1.4MB]
      2. Maps – Toton only. [15 pages: 19MB]
      3. Non-technical summary All exc. community summaries. [66 pages: 1.6MB]
      4. Community Area report Ratcliffe to Long Eaton, inc. Toton. [294 pages: 9.2MB]
    • These are huge files and d) Community Area report hasn’t been abridged at all.
    • I recommend reading a) Summary inc. Toton and b) Maps – Toton if you want to understand the impacts on our Area. Feel free to look at/skim through the others if you have trouble sleeping at night!
    • And if you are a real glutton for punishment here is the link to the government website that contains all the documents available. And there is an awful lot more to read through if you are minded.
    • We are meeting HS2 next week and hope to persuade them to host a consultation session in Toton – at the Greenwood Centre – in the next few weeks, so we all have the chance to review the current plans. More on this next time.
  4. Garden Communities fund
    • We are working closely with Broxtowe Borough Council to produce an application to this fund which is managed by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Govt.
    • Next week we meet with consultants to explain our thoughts and aspirations for the site. If we are successful it means the Forum will have more of a say in how the Barracks is developed.
    • The application needs to be submitted in early November, so we don’t have much time to get our case produced! Fingers crossed…
  5. And finally……
    • Heritage and Character Assessment report. We’ve finally received the draft report from our consultants this week. It’s another hefty (60 page) document that we need to review and provide our comments/observations. We’ve only had time for an initial skim through, but it contains some useful stuff for our Plan. I’d expect the final version will be produced & published sometime in early Nov.
    • Local Plan Part 2 examination. Just as you thought the Council’s Local Plan was all done and dusted, we have asked to take part in the formal examination process, scheduled for early December. We are largely in agreement with the Local Plan – the council took on board several of our suggestions during the consultation phase. However, there are a couple of issues we want to raise with the examiner – not least the need to assure a decent width (we argue 50 metres) for all wildlife corridors in our area.

That’s enough for this week. More next time, which may be in a couple of weeks, as I need to get back to drafting the Plan…

Kind regards

Broxtowe Lotto: tickets available from our CTTC Forum page where you’ll also find details of the scheme.

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