What Is Happening With The Neighbourhood Plan?

To answer this question, here is a recap of the past 12 months or so:-

The submission version of the Plan underwent Independent Examination in November 2022. Following the hearing, the Examiner requested substantial changes to sections of the Plan, in particular following the publication of the Government’s Integrated Rail Plan (i.e. that there would no longer be a HS2 station at Toton), but also taking into account the various representations made prior to, and at, the hearing.

Members of the Steering Group worked closely with the Broxtowe Planning team (with support from a Locality appointed consultant) to make the necessary proposed modifications to the Plan. Following a lot of time & effort by all concerned, these modifications were submitted to the Examiner in March 2023. Due to the significant update to the Plan that would result from this, she requested a further ‘Limited & Focussed Consultation’ on the proposed modifications only. Due to the local elections last May in Broxtowe and the period of purdah surrounding this, the limited consultation was held over until the summer and concluded in early September 2023.

The representations received were sent to the Examiner at the end of that month, following review by the Forum and Broxtowe. Unfortunately, due to her other work commitments and schedule, she was unable to review these until December. This timeline is provided on our website Plan page.

Just before Christmas we received a ‘Fact Check’ version of the Examiner’s report. The Forum & Broxtowe provided a combined response picking up points of accuracy & typos, together with a small number of points for clarification. This was submitted to the Examiner last Monday 15th and we are pleased to say that the corrected version came back quickly on Wednesday 17th, which concludes the Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan.

However, we are unable to publish it here just yet until we have been given the green light by Broxtowe and/or it has been published on their website, because as the Local Planning Authority, Broxtowe control the process. Having said that we expect to receive permission to make the Examiner’s Report public next week, so by this time next weekend it should be with you.

As always please do feel free to ask any questions you may have on this week’s latest bulletin or anything else via the Contact Us page, and we’ll do our best to answer them via the Questions and Answers page.

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