Barracks Subgroup

(This group is suspended)

The purpose of the Barracks Subgroup is to support the main Forum Steering Group in developing the those elements of the Plan relating to Chetwynd Barracks. This includes understanding the impacts the development of the site will have on the immediate surrounding area, as well as the whole of the designated Neighbourhood Forum Area.

If you are interested in the work of the Barracks Subgroup please register your interest.

Tasks & Activities

Tasks & activities are gather information and build understanding. Specifically to:

  • undertake site visits to gain a full understanding of the site and its scope for development.
  • assess the infrastructure requirements to support the numbers and types of housing anticipated within the site.
  • assess environmental impacts on wildlife, trees, Hobgoblin Wood, flood protection (rain water run-off) etc.
  • understand & log the heritage assets (e.g. listed buildings, memorial) within the site and work to ensure they will be preserved

Terms of Reference

The full Terms of Reference of the Barracks Subgroup are here

Subgroup Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Agendas and Minutes of the Barracks Subgroup Meetings are here

DIO Documents

The DIO has commissioned a number of studies into the future of the Barracks, some of which can be found here. (Note some of the files are very large)

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