Toton East – Submitted Comments

As promised when we found out about the consultation by Pegasus for the Application for houses at Toton East, we submitted comments on behalf of the Neighbourhood Forum. Our comments can be found following this link.

We are pleased that a large number of people read our post (either from social media or our emails) and followed the link through to the Pegasus comments page and some of you shared your comments with us.

Some of the comments we received from you were “we don’t need any more homes”. However, Central Government and Local Government have already decided that our Area has a capacity for about 3,000 homes in the “Strategic Location for Growth” and the land cannot be re-designated as Greenbelt (we asked). We are committed to making developments: Sustainable; Energy efficient; Environmentally positive; provide the necessary Infrastructure (not just roads but medical facilities, schools, Active Travel, etc.); and provides Employment in the Area. It is on these requirements that we have provided our response.

We’ll let you know as we hear more.

If you wish to comment to us regarding any of this, please use our “Contact-Us” form.

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