Neighbourhood Plan – Examiner’s Report

Following on from last week’s post, the Examiner’s Report received on 17th January and concluding the Examination of the Neighbourhood Plan, has now been published on Broxtowe’s website here, and is also linked through from our website Plan page.

The next step of the process is for the Council’s Cabinet to receive and consider the report at its meeting on 6th February, and if no issues raised recommend that the Neighbourhood Plan can move forward to Local Referendum for approval by the community the Forum serves. The agenda and papers for this meeting will appear on this page next week, and there is also a link to watch a live stream of the proceedings from 6pm.

However before the Referendum can proceed, the Neighbourhood Plan will need to be fully updated following the Examiner’s recommendations on the proposed amendments put forward, and be in its final version along with any other supporting documents. This inevitably will take a bit of time, but we aim to start this process next week.

Although dependent on the outcome of the Cabinet meeting, we are aiming to be ready for Broxtowe to be able to hold the Local Referendum on 2nd May, the same date as the County Council and Combined Authority Mayoral elections. This should ensure a good turnout as opposed to going ahead on its own.

Following the meeting on 6th February, we should have a better idea of the timeline for the remaining steps to adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan. It has been a lengthy eight years in the making, and it doesn’t seem possible that we started this journey in 2016, but we did!! We have all travelled a long and winding road (to quote Lennon & McCartney) and we’re looking forward to reaching the end, for a bit of a rest, at least for a while!

As always please do feel free to ask any questions you may have on this week’s latest bulletin or anything else via the Contact Us page, and we’ll do our best to answer them via the Questions and Answers page.

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