Design Codes & Masterplan – Comments & Responses

We said when we put the Forum Commissioned Masterplan & Area Design Codes that we would consider all the comments made and find a way of highlighting where changes would be required when we have funding to make changes.

We have brought all of the comments into one spreadsheet (thanks everybody who responded) and have annotated an updated version of the Masterplan and Design Codes where we think the major changes will be required.

As we said at the time we don’t have funding to update any of the documents involved but felt it was important to highlight the major areas of change within the documents. The changes we have highlighted are not the only changes that will be required but (we hope) will give future editors/authors an idea of the sorts of comments/changes that the documents have raised with the community.


We were also asked what Biodiversity Net Gain means to us and the Environmental Group has given some words on our Questions & Answers Page.

Keep Informed

As ever, if you have any questions that we might be able to answer go to our Contact Us page & fill out the form we’ll do our best.

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