Nottingham University Project

Students at Nottingham University are working with us to help to create a “Vision” for what we would like in the area, hopefully including a 3D model to be used in creating our overall plan.

This webpage will have all the posts relating to this project as they evolve and (when complete) will link through to the final report.

Study Results

The Study was broken down into three sections: Analysis, Consultations and Proposals. The documents are large (many Megabytes of words and pictures) and therefore have been broken down into more manageable sections below.

Nottingham University Analysis

Analysis Section 1 Analysis Section 2 Analysis Section 3 : Analysis Section 4 : Analysis Section 5 : Analysis Section 6

Nottingham University Consultations

Consultation Section 1 : Consultation Section 2 : Consultation Section 4 : Consultation Section 5 : Consultation Section 6

Nottingham University Proposals

Proposals Section 1Proposals Section 2Proposals Section 3Proposals Section 4Proposals Section 5Proposals Section 6

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